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Ongoing Project

  Item    Project Name  Duration

 Wat Ketmadi Si Wararam,Samut Sakhon Province


 WAT - Steel Structure Fabrication and Erection for

 Wat Ketmadi Si Wararam, Samut Sakhon Province

22-Feb-18 - 30-Jun-19


 Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (Thailand) Ltd.

 Mol Polyol and HTPP - SMP for Mechanical Package

9-Oct-18 - 2-Dec-19 

 Mol Polyol and HTPP - Insulation Package

 Mol Polyol and HTPP - Electrical & Instrument, including EHT Installation

24-May-19 - 2-Dec-19 

 Aibel (Thailand) Limited

 JSP2 Topside - MSF CB2001 for Steel Structure & Piping Fabrication

 &  Installation and Equipment   Installation

17-Oct-18 - 15-Jan-21

 Extension of Piping Office Banchang - Fabrication

14-Dec-18 - 15-Jun-19 

 JSP2 - Fabrication H-Stools and Transportation Beam

20-Feb-19 - 30-Aug-19 

 Njord A - Flexible Crash Barriers Fabrication (Shipment #2)

7-May-19 - 30-Jun-19